Who is Rachel?

  • Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m a Canadian from urban Ontario who just wants to communicate God to anyone who will pay attention.

    Every one of us needs reminders that God is real and He is active in this frantic world. Every one of us needs to know our lives have purpose and our presence here is no random mishap. Every one of us hungers for God whether we recognize it or not. And I like offering fresh writing that pulls you toward the One you truly long for.

  • People like you and me flourish in hope and flounder in despair. We long for love, peace, fullness of life, connection, meaning…and too often, we’re looking for these things in clever counterfeits that promise much and fail to deliver. But hope, peace, love…these are found most abundantly in their true source – God.

    The aim of everything I write is to help draw you closer to that source. May every piece refresh, inspire, challenge, and call you into more of life with Him.


I’m a Nurse Practitioner-turned-homeschooling-mom. You could say my current career is learning the souls of some pretty adorable littles and helping them flourish amidst the puddle jumping and glitter glue.

I like almond milk and plant-based cooking. Having babies and morning snuggles. Spending lengthy periods of time in quiet (does not happen often with young ones). I enjoy finishing my to-do lists and like to think I am very organized -- until I see my closets. Spontaneity is a rather recent and surprisingly good friend of mine since marrying a last born over a decade ago.

I choose hot decaf something in the morning to help me warm up to the day. Pajamas and slippers get my vote over actual outfits every day of the cold Canadian winter. A meaningful talk with someone I love is always time well spent. Summers spent berry picking, watching clouds, and enjoying sandy beaches are my favorite…because slowed paces create some pretty meaningful spaces.

Speaking and writing have always seemed to come naturally to me. I think I’ve finally acknowledged them as gifts after almost 40 years. So now I offer my loaves and fishes to the hungry in hopes they will be used by God to sustain, equip, and draw attention to His greatness.

Why Do Any Of This?

You sense it, you feel it, instinctively you somehow know it – there is more to this life than what you can see with your eyes and touch with your hands. You understand that feeling of vague discontent even at the very best of times. I’ve felt it, too. It’s because we were made for an eternal utopian existence in unhindered fellowship with God. And well…take a look around. That’s not the complete picture right now for any of us, is it?

Broken relationships. Loss. Fear. Depression. Poverty. Oppression. Exploitation. Loneliness. Just a few characteristics of life on Earth. A utopian existence seems something of a cruel joke or an unattainable fantasy for many.

But I believe there is more. More for every single one of us. Young and old, educated and uneducated, rich, poor, famous, obscure…whatever you call yourself, it’s for you, too. And it’s real.

It’s life with God amidst the cacophony of noise around us as He works to right everything that’s gone wrong here.

More meaning, more substance, more rest, more God…less frantic striving, less self-imposed pressure, less keeping up with the Jones’, less trivial uses of our time and energies. Sound impossible? Probably so, especially in Western culture. But it’s not.

So for anyone hungering for more, I communicate various thoughts on God. I like hearing from Him, thinking about Him, pondering heaven, marinating in what He says and the implications His words have for my everyday and yours. And I really like the idea of sharing those thoughts with anyone who’s game for taking a few minutes to think about some of those things, too.

Because what you’re sensing is true – there’s more. It’s real. And it has major ramifications for your life and mine. If you’d permit me the honor, I want to help draw your attentions to that eternal story.

Rachel speaks too...

From the archives

    • “A lot of speakers inspire and encourage…but Rachel speaks with precision. She takes aim, she speaks and hits the target in our hearts. That’s what stands out above the rest is that precision. She has this authority & authenticity. And because she says it with such confidence, I can receive it for myself. Her wording & cadence is a pleasure to listen to, and of course, she is very funny. A fresh and powerful voice in the church.”

      Aimee Chada
      Founder, SheSpeaks Canada – SheSpeaks Canada

    • “Rachel is a dynamic, captivating speaker that draws people in. I wanted to lean forward in my chair to listen to her story.” I also felt that she brought a depth of insight in her teaching. Some people tell stories, but Rachel brings insight. “It’s rich, insightful…she helps people move not just to listen but to next steps in their lives. That’s the kind of communicator she is.”
      “I would highly recommend you booking this girl to speak.”

      Lorie Hartshorn
      National Speaker & Author, Co-Host of The 700 Club Canada

    • “Rachel… All I have to say about you is that you are AMAZING when you speak! You’re captivating & FUNNY! You have a fresh & anointed transparency. Don’t let anything discourage you from all that God has planned. Women and girls are shaking & shrinking back & emerging only with masks on. They’re waiting for you…”

      Marilyn Brooks
      Founder, GetUP! Canada

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    • Lorie Hartshorn
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